What began as an adventure, ended as a passion!

After two decades of traveling the world to deepen our understanding of plant - based natural health, we discovered the vitality that lies within mother earth and her aromatic oils.  Our initial journey led us to the historic capitol of lavender and the lush, blooming fragrant fields high in the Alps of France. 
This began our quest and inspired us to capture the power and true essence of essential oils, from around the world.  

The success of Beachwood lies within three main principals; our oils must be 100% pure, they must meet exceptional Q5 quality standards and the level of service to our customers must always exceed expectations. 

Our Mission 
At the heart of our mission is the passion to build a community where everyone feels empowered to improve their wellbeing. Whether you want to feel less stressed, get better sleep, or naturally relieve your headaches, we hope you choose Beachwood Essentials for your wellness needs.


Our Promise

We are 100% pure - We ensure the integrity of all our oil’s composition so we can deliver the maximum healthful benefits, to you.

We are Q5 certified - Our goal is to maintain the highest standards by assuring the performance, safety, consistency and value of every oil we bring you. If an oil doesn’t meet our Q5 quality, we won’t sell it.

We are sustainable - We make a conscious effort to reduce carbon footprint and produce products that are both gentle on you and the environment.

Third-party tested - We have established relationships with our suppliers who regularly perform third party testing using state-of-the-art instrumentation including Specific Gravity, Gas Chromatography (GC), Mass Spectometry (MS) and numerous physical techniques.

Begin your essential oil journey with Beachwood and experience the difference for yourself!