Quality & Testing

We will always maintain respect for our planet, purity and people. If an oil doesn’t meet our high Q5 standards, we won’t sell them to you. Your ultimate satisfaction is always our number one goal. To assure this, and to become a Q5 certified oil, our suppliers must meet these strict guidelines:

  • Best Farming Practices - Growing crops that are indigenous to its environment and using sustainable agricultural practices. The growing methods and harvested portions of the plant are clearly established.
  • Ideal Method of Extraction - Oils are obtained in the established ISO9235 best practices. Steam distillation, cold pressing or CO2 extraction.
  • Total Transparency - Every material is sourced from a plant that has been botanically identified by genus, species or subspecies to avoid any possible confusion. Systematic testing is performed to ensure consistent analytic and olfactory quality as well as safety.
  • Unadulterated Purity - The aromatic raw material undergoes no chemical modification during processing. 100% pure oils - no addition of petrochemicals or organic materials.
  • Ethical practices - No Animal testing, no child labor and no illegal hiring practices, worldwide.