Peppermint Essential Oil


An exhilarating, fresh minty scent from one of the oldest herbs regarded for its highest antioxidant capacity of any food.

  • Helps alleviate allergy symptoms 
  • Promotes relief from pain and fatigue
  • Helps soothe nausea


Mentha Piperita

Aromatic Description:
Minty fresh, cool, sweet, and herbaceous

Blends Well With:
Lavender, lemon, rosemary, and grapefruit

When it comes to essential oils, only a few such as peppermint can claim the title of most versatile due to its variety of benefits. This cherished oil has been used dating back to 10,000 BC to help soften the skin and combat body odor. This spicy scented oil was used by the Ancient Egyptians as part of the embalming process. Dried peppermint leaves were also commonly placed in tombs as a symbol of holiness.

Peppermint thrives in cool or temperate regions where there is plenty of rainfall. When 10% of the peppermint crop is in the flowering stage, it produces the optimum oil. This yields a high menthol content that gives peppermint that cool, unmistakable invigorating scent. One whiff of peppermint oil and suddenly your senses come alive.

Country of Origin:

Steam distilled

Plant Part:
Flowers and leaves


15 mL/ 0.5 fl. Oz

Primary Benefits

Diffuse or inhale directly to decrease nausea, uplift your mood and increase energy, alertness and concentration.

Dilute and apply topically to help calm itchiness, reduce flakey scalp, ease muscle aches and help deter insects and insect bites.

How To Use

These essential oils are for aromatic and topical use only. Diffuse or inhale directly. To use topically, dilute with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas. Consult a physician before use if you are nursing or pregnant. Not recommended for diffusing or topical use on children under age 6.


Q5 Certified (Learn More)
100% Pure Essential Oil
Therapeutic Grade
Sustainably sourced

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