As a company, we believe that everyone deserves a life full of abundance and wellness. Our mission is to improve the quality of people's lives by sharing our expertise and encouraging a more natural, holistic way of health, beauty, and well-being.

Beachwood has always believed that beauty should stem from the purest forms of nature. We gathered the finest potent herbs, oils, and extracts, from around the world to handcraft health-conscious essentials for your skin, mind, body and spirit.

We want everyone to experience the incredible benefits that nature has to offer. Supporting our customers in their quest to live a healthy life has always been priority one. We searched the globe to bring home the best for our customers and will continue to explore the perimeters to find even more.

Meet our Founder, Tim Sharif

After over a decade of building with natural brands in the industry, Tim realized there was a need for direct to consumer companies, cutting out hassle and cost of MLM/Network Marketing and retail distribution. Using those funds to provide better products and overall customer experience. Combine that with a “people over profit” business model in today’s social media world we’ve thrived.

With a deep conviction of the power of essential oils, Tim embodies the spirit of Beachwood Essentials as he continues to build a company that advocates total well-being for everyone, everywhere. Essential oils improve health and quality of life with countless benefits ranging from life changing therapeutic power, to a comforting home environment. He looks forward to spending many years to come studying essential oil distillation techniques around the world, meeting with the best growers and distillers, and bringing these oils back to our Beachwood Community.

With the help of his dedicated staff at Beachwood, he continues to work tirelessly to source the purest essential oils. We search out and use only the purest concentrations of authentic therapeutic oils from the most respected and ethical distillers. Many of our essential oils come directly from families, many of whom have been distilling their whole lives. Using either a steam-distillation or an expression process to extract the oils protects the integrity of each essence. These gentle techniques allow for the most effective use of the oils in restoring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

Testing & Ingredients
Beachwood Essential Oils are:
- 100% authentic, unadulterated
- Premium quality
- Most are grown in a region in which the plant is indigenous, with proper nutritive soil conditions
- Harvested at the proper time and carefully distilled for therapeutic value
- Sourced from known botanical species
- Identified with their Latin name and tested to meet the standard of this species
- Ethically farmed or gathered; sustainably grown and harvested
- Used and recommended by health care professionals and authors, including medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, integrative and alternative health professionals

“It personally means the world to me that you believe in me and Beachwood Essentials. That’s something I will never take for granted.”

Tim Sharif  - CEO Beachwood Essentials -

P.S. - Feel free to join Tim in the Beachwood Facebook Community where you’ll find him regularly interacting with the #BeachwoodFamily. In this group, we honor essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.  Beachwood Community