Mother's Day 2020 Wellness Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, moms deserve some extra me-time, especially amidst these unprecedented times. Pamper her with the gift of wellness and tranquility with our favorite essential oils. Whether she needs a boost of energy, better sleep, stress relief, or immune support, we have you covered with a variety of carefully crafted bundles for you to choose from. Take a look at our top bundles and discover the perfect set for your mama bear.

Give her the gift of calm

Motherhood is no easy task. It truly is a full-time job that is both physically and mentally demanding where personal needs are often set aside and placed on the back burner. Encourage your mom to incorporate more “me time” in her schedule and ease her mind with stress-relieving essential oils. We know the world of essential oils can be overwhelming, so we put together the Beachwood Stress Relief Bundle that contain our favorite oils to help relieve stress.

  • Bulgarian Lavender: Known for its calming properties, lavender oil has been used as a natural form of medicine for thousands of years. This subtle, floral scent is the perfect addition to include in bathwater to melt into relaxation while soothing dry and inflamed skin.
  • Bergamot: The next oil in our Stress Relief Bundle is bergamot. This oil has a fresh, sweet, and slightly citrus scent that is commonly used to alleviate stress and uplift mood. Moms can create a spa-like atmosphere by diffusing a few drops of bergamot oil in parallel with their skincare routine or take a few deep breaths as face mask sets.
  • Ylang Ylang: To give this bundle balance, we included a ylang ylang oil for its sweet, fruity-floral scent that is ideal for alleviating stress. This essential oil is a popular note in many perfumes, making it the perfect choice to apply topically. Dilute 5mL of carrier oil to 1-2 drops of ylang ylang oil and apply on wrists or behind the ear for a calming effect.

Help jumpstart her aromatherapy journey

Next, our Tranquility Essentials Kit is ideal for moms who are looking to start their essential oil journey. With three essential oils and a Beachwood Diffuser, this kit provides oils that are versatile and useful in a variety of ways. For moms on the go, this Tranquility Essentials Kit is a must-have in their toolbox.

  • Tea Tree Melaleuca: Tea tree oil is an essential oil that serves several purposes and has antibacterial properties, making it a household staple. This multifaceted essential oil is meant to fit even the busiest lifestyles, whether your mom needs a nontoxic insect repellent or DIY all purpose cleaner, tea tree oil covers all the bases.
  • Italian Pink Grapefruit: For a tangy, citrusy scent, we included Italian Pink Grapefruit Oil to elevate mood. The uplifting notes of this fragrant oil will help awaken the senses and relieve stress. It's a great scent for topical use (with proper dilution) to enhance energy levels.
  • Bergamot: Due to its versatility, bergamot oil makes another appearance in this kit! As mentioned previously, this stress-relieving oil can be diffused to enhance a self-care night or applied topically with a carrier oil to stay fresh all day long.
  • Beachwood Diffuser (100mL): The addition of our beloved Beachwood Diffuser makes this kit ideal for moms who are new to the world of essential oils. Its sleek design matches most décor and gives the ability to transform the environment in any room with just a few drops of essential oils.

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Brighten up her day

If distance makes it hard to give your mom a helping hand with daily errands, gift her with the resources to re-energize and uplift her mood to power through the day! This Energy Booster Bundle comes with four elevating essential oils, a Beachwood Diffuser, Essential Oils 101 E-Book, and $10 E-Gift Card to promote overall wellness and enhance energy levels.

  • Italian Lemon: A few drops of our zesty Italian Lemon Oil will help brighten up her morning! Start the day off strong with a few deep breaths of this fresh, clean scent to awaken senses and set goals for the day.
  • Rosemary: For an earthier scent that is also an incredible mood lifter, rosemary is another great option. Add a few drops of oil to the bath floor while showering or apply the diluted oil to temples in the morning for a boost in energy.
  • Peppermint: The next oil in the bundle is peppermint. Known for its invigorating scent, peppermint oil is essential to help uplift mood. Add a few drops of this oil to your shampoo to reduce feelings of tiredness or grogginess.
  • Cedarwood: Finally, we’ve included cedarwood oil in this Energy Booster Bundle to create a balanced variety of scents. With sweet, woodsy notes, cedarwood oil is the perfect everyday oil to diffuse to in the mornings while getting ready.

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Keep her healthy and happy

The unpredictable weather in spring can bring allergies and the seasonal flu which is why we created the Immune Support Bundle. The oils we’ve selected have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help boost immunity and mental activity. Not only do these essential oils have purifying properties, but your mom can also enjoy the relaxing effects of aromatherapy as the oils clarify the air.

  • Eucalyptus:  The first oil in this Immune Support Bundle is eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus has a clean, earthy, minty, scent that is soothing when diffused and will leave your home smelling fresh while eliminating bacteria from the air. The active chemical properties in this oil are known for their cleansing and clarifying properties, making it the perfect oil for a DIY disinfectant spraying or this homemade liquid hand soap. It's gentle yet effective.
  • Italian Lemon: Our Italian Lemon oil is not only a wonderful option to elevate mood, but it also contains antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. This bright, citrus scent is ideal for purifying the air while providing a boost of energy. For an added special touch, write the directions for a DIY hand sanitizer that your mom can take wherever she goes!
  • Rosemary: If your mom is especially prone to congestion, rosemary oil is ideal for providing relief with its antiseptic qualities while enhancing energy. Use rosemary oil to create a hot or cold compress to soothe a tight chest or stuffy nose.

Who doesn't love a good night's sleep

Finally, who couldn’t use some better sleep, especially moms? We all know the groggy feeling in the morning after a night of tossing and turning and how it can affect our busy day. A well-rested night is crucial for helping memory, enhancing mood, and even boosting immunity. Give your mom the gift of a good night’s sleep with the Sleep Well Bundle that has three soothing essential oils, a Beachwood Diffuser (300mL), Beachwood E-book, and $10 E-gift card.

  • Bergamot: Unwind and destress from the day with a warm bath and add a few drops of herbaceous bergamot oil to dissolve any tension. Alternatively, this oil can be diffused at night while applying masks and face creams to create a tranquil, peaceful environment before bed.
  • Peppermint: While peppermint oil is known for its invigorating scent, this oil is ideal for melting away feelings of anxiousness that may have built up throughout the day. Apply topically with a carrier oil to the temples to calm the mind from racing.
  • Bulgarian Lavender: Last but not least, our Bulgarian Lavender Oil is a staple for promoting restful sleep. This soft, floral scent can be diffused, applied topically, or even made into a linen spray to gently mist onto pillows for sweet dreams and even better sleep.

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Whether it be relieving stress, enhancing mood, boosting immunity, or promoting restful sleep, there is a bundle for every mom, so you can provide her with the ultimate gift of health and wellness she can incorporate into her daily lifestyle.


After two decades of traveling the world to deepen our understanding of plant - based natural health, we discovered the vitality that lies within mother earth and her aromatic oils.

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