Skin Saver Set

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Skin Saver Set
While there are many commercial skin products available, most of these formulas are expensive and contain potentially harmful chemicals which actually damage your skin in the long-term. Instead of pouring money into these pre-made “beauty products” why not create your own using all natural Beachwood Essential oils? The Beachwood Skin Saver Set is the perfect step towards a more beautiful natural skintone.

Australian Tea Tree Oil 15 mL
Tea tree oil is a great natural alternative for getting rid of pimples. It has unique disinfecting and soothing properties and, unlike other acne treatments, tea tree oil will not strip your skin of its natural oils and cause further damage. To heal acne, add two to three drops to a carrier oil and apply to your face or other affected areas nightly. You can even use it in a face mask by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to either store-bought or homemade face masks to kill bacteria and dry out pimples.




Bergamot Oil Italian 15 mL
Bergamot essential oil is one of those essential oils people just love! It's not super hard to find, it smells great, even by itself, and it has great skin care benefits. Bergamot is an astringent. Use in a simple toner to help refresh your skin after washing. It can also help to balance oil production for oily skin types and even has antibacterial properties.




Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil 50 mL
Apricot Kernel Oil is a valuable source of beta-carotene which the body converts to Vitamin A. With immune boosting properties, this oil is a natural skin-nourisher. Carrier oil of choice for mature skin (safe for all skin types). Mix with 2-3 drops of Beachwood Bergamot or Tea Tree Oil to help soothe minor skin irritations or mild eczema and re-hydrate dry cracked skin, especially when inflamed by the sun and wind.




The perfect carrier oil for blending with any Beachwood Essential Oils. When diluted, a drop or two of Apricot Kernel Seed Carrier Oil can be used on the skin's surface or hair for long lasting hydration.

• Enjoy our Recipe E-book ($16.99 value) and get a deeper knowledge of how to use your Beachwood Essential Oils. In our E-book you will learn effective DIY skin and body recipes, as well as mood-enhancing diffuser recipes.
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Cautions: Keep out of reach of children.  If you’re pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or under the care of a physician, please consult your doctor before using.  Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, groin, and other sensitive areas.  For topical use only. Keep clear liquid away from direct contact with fire.


Beachwood Essential Oils are kosher certified! Our essential oils are fit to be used in any application or manner that conforms to the kosher laws rooted in Biblical and Rabbinic traditions.

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