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  • Bulgarian Lavender

    • Deep herbaceous, floral scent
    • Imparts feelings of calm and relief
    • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
    • Apply topically to help calm irritated skin, reduce breakouts and diminish scars
  • Bergamot

    • Fruity, floral scent
    • Helps balance emotion and elevate mood
    • Apply topically to help ease pain and purify skin imperfections
  • Lemon

    • Zesty, citrus scent
    • Helps eases stress, fight fatigue and reduce feelings of depression
    • Apply topically to revive skin's complexion and combat bacteria
  • Tea Tree

    • Medicinal, fresh and woodsy scent
    • Helps fight infections and alleviate chest and head congestion
    • Apply topically to help calm inflammation, speed up healing and reduce the severity of dandruff
  • Pink Grapefruit

    • Fresh, citrus scent
    • Helps reduce stress, enhance mood and increase energy
    • Apply topically to help increase circulation and reduce excess oils on skin and scalp
  • Peppermint

    • Fresh, minty scent
    • Helps increase energy and alertness
    • Apply topically to help reduce muscle aches and itching
  • Lemongrass

    • Clean, crisp and lemony
    • Elevates mood and helps reduce harmful bacteria
    • Helps to soothe bloating and cramps
    • Apply topically to help prevent infection and support wound healing
  • Eucalyptus

    • Minty, pine scent with a hint of honey
    • Helps boost immune system, disinfects the air and eases congestion
    • Apply topically to ease pain and fight bacteria
  • Rosemary

    • Herbal, woody scent with a hint of mint
    • Helps improve memory and immune system
    • Apply topically to reduce pain, stimulate hair growth and soothe cramps or bloating
  • Energizing Blend

    • Floral, citrus, earthy and spicy
    • Helps elevate mood, enhance mental clarity and fight fatigue
    • Apply topically to ease joint and muscle pain


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