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Beachwood Essentials 50% OFF Aromatherapy Bundle

We know the quality and purity of your oils matter to you. That's why we want you to enjoy them every day, hassle and worry-free. Perfect for your home or office, just add a few drops of your favorite oil to deliver mood-lifting aromatherapy to transform your environment.

What You Get

Beachwood Ultrasonic Diffuser (300 mL)

Now you can bring nature closer to your home or office! Transform your space with the power of pure essential oils. With it’s Bamboo and Cherry Wood features and modern design, this is a home accessory you cannot pass up!

$10 Beachwood E-Gift Card

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Essential Oils 101 E-Book

Our e-book was created to help you begin your journey to natural wellness. Inside you will find DIY recipes and diffuser blends to help you get started.

Product Details

Beachwood Essentials 50% OFF Aromatherapy Bundle
  • The safe auto shut-off option leaves you to enjoy your essential oils worry-free and hassle-free
  • Easy On/Off button to adjust your diffusers lights
  • Background light comes in choices of 7 colors to select from

Measures - 6.5” x 6.5” x 5.2”
Container Capacity - 300ml or 100 ml
Product use time - Up to 16 hours
Color -  Light Bamboo, Dark Cherry, or Modern White

How it Works

Our Beachwood Diffusers take a fluid (essential oils, water, etc), and disperse that fluid into the surrounding area via evaporation. Evaporative diffusers use air intake to hit the oil, the fluid is then dispersed into the surrounding air, resulting in the delivery of a scent and its corresponding treatment properties.