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Rosemary Oil


A distinctive evergreen, citrusy scent that has been hailed for its medicinal properties.

  • Helps improve memory
  • Promotes increased immune and circulatory functions
  • Alleviates the feeling of muscle pain


Rosemary Oil
Rosmarinus Officinalis

Aromatic Description:
Herbal, woody scent with a hint of mint

Blends well with:
Frankincense, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus

Walk through a herb garden and there is no mistaking that clean, herbaceous scent of Rosemary. Growing wild throughout the Mediterranean region, this antioxidant-rich plant thrives in the sun and grows on dry rocky slopes near the sea. It boasts a revered history of use by the Greeks and Romans dating back to 500 BC. due to it's stimulating, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and pain-relieving properties.

Rosemary essential oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of this elegant plant that are sickle-harvested in the wild and dried prior to distillation. This process maintains the pure and fresh woody, evergreen-like scent commonly described as purifying and invigorating.

Country of Origin:

Steam distilled

Plant Part:
Flowers and leaves



15 mL/ 0.5 fl. Oz

Primary Benefits

Diffuse or inhale directly to help reduce stress, increase concentration, boost immunity, relieve fatigue and inspire insight.

Dilute and apply topically to aid in reducing pain, stimulating hair growth, soothing cramps and reducing bloat. The astringent and toning properties of this oil make it a beneficial beauty treatment for dry, oily, inflamed or acne-prone skin.

How To Use

These essential oils are for aromatic and topical use only. Diffuse or inhale directly. To use topically, dilute with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas. Consult a physician before use if you are nursing or pregnant. Not recommended for diffusing or topical use on children under age 6.


Q5 Certified (Learn More)
100% Pure Essential Oil
Therapeutic Grade
Sustainably sourced

Brand Comparison

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  • doTERRA
  • Young Living


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