Beachwood Essentials

Energizing Blend



Blend of:
Orange oil
Clove Bud
Cinnamon Bark

Aromatic Description:
Floral, refreshing citrus, earthy, spicy

Imagine traveling the world to experience the most aromatic, pure essential oils indigenous to each country. From the sweet luscious orange fields of Brazil, to the peppery cinnamon fields of Madagascar. This one of a kind blend brings together 5 power-packed oils from across the globe that are guaranteed to put a little pep in your step. Apply this blend topically to invigorate your senses while reducing anxiety and enhancing creativity. Finish the day strong!

Country of Origin:
Madagascar, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Tunisia

Steam distilled and cold-pressed

Plant Part:
Leaves, bark, plant

15 mL/ 0.5 fl. oz

Primary Benefits

Apply topically to help fight fatigue, promote mental clarity and elevate your mood. 

How To Use

These essential oils are for topical use only. Do not diffuse as it may clog your diffuser. 

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas. Consult a physician before use if you are nursing or pregnant. Not recommended for diffusing or topical use on children under age 6.


Q5 Certified (Learn More)
100% Pure Essential Oil
Therapeutic Grade
Sustainably sourced


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